My Psoriasis Treatment Story Using Psoriasis Free For Life

Hello, Michael Patterson here, aged 25. In this blog I want to share my PSORIASIS FREE FOR LIFE review, and how the information contained in this eBook has helped me overcome my own battle with psoriasis. I spent many years researching to find a cure for this disease, and I must have tried every pill and lotion under then sun!

I felt compelled to write this review, as the information I gleaned truly was the missing piece of the puzzle for me in my fight against this embarrassing disease. I am confident that the information I am about to share will be of great value to you to.

A Lifelong Psoriasis Sufferer…

Since childhood I was covered with terrible patches of “plaque psoriasis”, which covered most of my upper arms right down to my elbows, as well as part of my scalp. The itching was unbearable, and the constant scratching made the problem even worse causing the flaky patches to weep and bleed. My doctor gave me one cream after another, but after a couple of weeks the psoriasis would become resistant to them, and they would stop working.

My only relief came on our yearly beach vacation, when exposing my skin to the sea water and sun seemed to have a miraculous effect on my psoriasis after just a few days. One year, however, when I was about 10, another group of boys who were playing in the ocean near to me started pointing, laughing and shouting “lizard boy”.

You can imagine how traumatic this was for a 10 year old, as kids can be so cruel to each other. This incident led to a complete lack of self-confidence, and I went from being a kid who completely loved the beach and the water, to one who dreaded going on vacation.

From then on, it took a lot of persuasion from my parents for me to sunbathe or play in the ocean again, unless there was no one else around.
On returning home, my patches of psoriasis would always return after a week or two, and I would have to make another trip to the doctor to get yet another type of cream.

As I developed into a teenager, my lack of self confidence continued, and this had a negative impact on my ability to interact with girls, and also to participate in sports. I was popular at school, but I was always terrified of anyone seeing me without a shirt on.

I realised that I needed to find a cure once and for all, before I let psoriasis completely take over my life.

I then began reading everything I could on psoriasis and the root causes of it. I started to make some interesting discoveries….

Psoriasis was not actually a skin disease, it was an immunity disease! This changed my whole outlook on how I could begin to cure my problem – instead of trying one cream after another I needed to fix my immune system. I started to take any supplement that I could get my hands on that claimed to be good for immunity, as well as upping my fruit and vegetable intake. I definitely felt a lot healthier, and my psoriasis did clear up a bit, but to be honest I was becoming overwhelmed with all the conflicting information on immunity.
I was closer to a breakthrough with curing my psoriasis, but still I felt confused…

Then I had a breakthrough!

Psoriasis free for life is an information product written by fellow psoriasis sufferer Katy Wilson, and was being highly recommended on psoriasis forums. What caught my attention was that Katy was talking about psoriasis being an immunity disease, and claimed to have a natural solution to curing it by addressing the immune system.

This is exactly what I had been trying to do myself, I just didn’t have the depth of knowledge to accomplish it on my own.

I thought “what the hell” and immediately purchased the ebook, due to the great reviews by friends on the forum.

After carefully reading through Psoriasis Free For Life, I couldn’t wait to implement all of Katy’s suggestions.

• You first begin with assessing which type of psoriasis you have, and she provides tailored advice for each type.

• Then there is dietary recommendations including a list of foods you must implement into your diet, and in what quantities. Some of these things I hadn’t even thought of eating until this point.

• Next is the detox phase, where you are given a structured detox plan to follow using ingredients available from your local store.

• Finally, Katy reveals her own natural recipes for ointments that can be applied to your skin to give relief to itchy, painful psoriasis and to help it clear up faster.

My Own “Psoriasis Free For Life” Review and Experience

After implementing the nutrition advice, detoxing as advised, and using Katy’s home remedies, within a few days my current patches of psoriasis had significantly improved.
3 weeks later my “scales” had disappeared completely, leaving only smooth red patches of skin, which faded even more after a few weeks! I have now been psoriasis free for over 3 months, which is the longest I have ever been free from it that I can remember.

I feel optimistic that the psoriasis will not return, so long as I keep up with my nutrition and lifestyle plan, which I definitely plan to stick to as my life is so much better now!
I feel like a completely new man, and my self confidence had gone through the roof. I am determined to make up for lost years when I was too embarrassed to swim, play sports, or ask out girls! Life is for living, and “Psoriasis Free For Life” has enabled me to enjoy my life to the fullest again.

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